We provide competitive estimates that reflect an accurate and detailed repair plan to include everything your repair facility is entitled to.


    Our easy-to-use service provides a convenient way for you to get​ a detailed and accurate estimate for your vehicle damages

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    Easy Estimates works with over 70 repair facilities in the TRI-STATE area. Insurance companies have been paying the bare minimum for auto claims and we provide an easy way for REPAIR FACILITIES  to obtain an accurate repair estimate within minutes. Our simple photo submission process allows you to request an estimate in less than 5 minutes. 
    One of our experienced appraisers will review your photos and write a detailed repair estimate for the vehicle repairs. Our estimates include all procedures, labor, paint, and materials you are entitled to maximize each insurance claim. 
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    Our team strive to make sure you get every single penny you are entitled to.

    Easy Estimates has 22 Licenced Auto Damage Appraisers on staff with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. We've now helped over 70 Repair Facilities improve their estimating process.


    Our team focuses on making sure that each insurance estimate we provide is detailed and accurate to increase your earnings per claim.


    We also work with a lot of smaller repair facilities that may not have the budget to hire an on-site estimator. The shop manager might be in charge of ordering parts, updating customers, overseeing repairs, writing estimates, and so much more.


    Our goal is to take the estimating process off your hands so you can focus on maintaining the day-to-day operations of your facility. A lot of insurance companies are now going virtual and our appraisers are focused on making sure you are still able to get an accurate and quality repair estimate. Whether it's an initial estimate or a supplement, we will consult you and provide an updated repair estimate for any part price difference, towing, additional labor/materials, additional damages, etc.


    Insurance companies try to keep their repair estimates as low as possible to save costs. But unfortunately, your repair facility is taking the hit. Most of the time the total estimated amount approved isn't enough for a proper repair. This is where Easy Estimates come in and negotiate on your behalf to get you the amount needed for a quality repair.


    Most of our licensed appraisers have previously worked for some of the top insurance companies in the country. As a repair facility, you may not be aware of what you are entitled to on each insurance estimate. Especially when some insurance companies allow for certain things that others may not approve. Our team works together and analyzes each vehicle's damages and creates a detailed repair plan that includes all the necessary repair procedures needed to have that vehicle repaired back to pre-loss conditions per manufacturer guidelines.


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